Transportation Agency for Monterey County

Citizens Oversight Committee

A Citizens Oversight Committee representing a diverse range of community interests will be formed within 6 months of voter approval of this measure. The committee will meet at least once a year or as often as monthly. Meetings will be open to the public, and the agendas will be posted to this site.

The Committee’s duties shall be as follows:

  • Independent Audits: Have full access to the Agency’s independent auditor and review the annual audits, have the authority to request and review specific financial information, and provide input on the audit to assure that funds are being expended in accordance with the requirements of this plan;
  • Plan Changes: Review and make recommendations on any proposed changes to the plan, prior to Transportation Agency Board consideration;
  • Project Delivery and Priorities: Review and comment on project delivery schedules as represented in the Strategic Expenditure Plan and make recommendations to the Transportation Agency on any proposals for changing project delivery priorities; and
  • Annual and Final Reports: Prepare annual reports regarding the administration of the program, to be presented to

Upcoming Meetings

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Past Meetings

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The Citizens Oversight Committee membership will include one representative from each of the following organizations or interests:

  • League of Women Voters
  • A bona fide taxpayers association from the Salinas Valley
  • A bonafide taxpayers association from the Monterey Peninsula
  • Senior or disabled services agency
  • Pedestrian or bicycle transportation advocate
  • Transit users
  • Labor organization
  • Central Coast Builders Exchange
  • Chamber of Commerce –Salinas Valley
  • Chamber of Commerce – Monterey Peninsula
  • Agriculture
  • Habitat preservation
  • Hospitality
  • Education

Members and their alternates will be nominated by the bona fide organization they are representing and appointed by the Transportation Agency Board of Directors. Additional members may be appointed by the Transportation Agency Board of Directors to assure that a broad range of geographic and stakeholder interests are represented on the committee; however, in no case shall Committee membership excluding alternates exceed 20. Initial member terms shall be staggered with half serving a 2-year term and half serving a 3-year term as specified by the Transportation Agency. Any member may be reappointed to a 2-year term for an unlimited number of terms.