Transportation Agency for Monterey County

Implementation Timeline

January – February 2017

  • Approve Board of Equalization Agreements
  • Develop Agreement with Auditor
  • Initiate Pavement Management System
  • Appoint Citizens Oversight Committee

April 2017

  • Tax Levy Begins
  • TAMC Board Approves City/County Agreements
  • Develop List of Early Launch Projects
  • Contract for Bond Analysis Advisor

June-July 2017

  • 1st Quarter Revenue Payment
  • Finalize Pavement Management System
  • Cities/County Report 1-Year Expenditure Plans
  • Cities/County Provide Maintenance of Effort Documents

August 2017

  • 1st Quarter Payments to Cities/County

September 2017

  • Draft 5-Year Excellent Transportation Project Priority Plan (CIP)

October 2017

  • TAMC Adopts 5-Year Excellent Transportation Project Priority Plan (CIP)
  • Begin Early Launch Projects