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Bicycle Facilities Service Request Form

  This service request form is available to all cyclists or anyone wishing to report a roadway condition affecting cyclists in Monterey County. The Transportation Agency for Monterey County will forward this report to the appropriate public works agency with maintenance responsibilities.  
  The Transportation Agency for Monterey County is not responsible for maintenance or repair of any roadways. This form is forwarded to the public works department responsible for maintenance at the location identified. It is up to the individual departments as to how to address the condition.  

Road Name:
Cross Streets:

Please check all that apply:
  Pothole or Pavement Cracks
  Protruding or Sunken Access Cover
  Debris on Shoulder
  Bikeways (ie: paths, routes, lanes) Not Clearly Marked
  Drainage Grate Problem
  Damaged or Missing Bikeway Signs
  Traffic Signal Not Triggered by Bicycles
  Vegetation Overgrowth
  Debris on Bikeway
  Construction Obstacle *
  Any Other Bicycle Service Needs (please describe):

Please describe the location as specifically as possible:


Thank you for reporting bicycle service needs in Monterey County.
Your input is highly valued.

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