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Holman Highway 68 CHOMP Phase 1

Intersection Improvements
Construction begins September 2007
5-month construction project
  Project Completed March 2008
Why was this project done for?

Road and safety improvements were made to the intersection of Holman Highway 68 and the entrance to Community Hospital.

The purpose of the project modifed the intersection to help relieve traffic congestion in the area and improve access for emergency vehicles, patients, and visitors.

This project is the first phase of road widening that will ultimately provide 4 lanes between Highway 1 and the hospital area.

What's new?

The intersection is reconstructed to improve access to the hospital.

Road work will include the addition of a second left-turn lane out of the hospital, and extension and realignment of the right-turn lane into the hospital to allow for more rapid movement through the intersection.

The project includes widening about 700 feet of Holman Highway 68 leading to and from the hospital to accommodate the additional lanes through the intersection.

Every effort has been made to minimize impacts to landscaping. The project includes replanting the impacted areas; however, there will be some loss of vegetation due to the widening.

Holman Highway 68 CHOMP Phase 1 - project map

Thank you for your patience during construction of this important safety project.

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