$19 Million from SB 1 Gas Tax Funds for Marina-Salinas Multimodal Corridor: Imjin Parkway Project

Salinas, CA (May 16, 2018) — The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) announced that the California Transportation Commission awarded $19 million to fund the Marina – Salinas Multimodal Corridor: Imjin Parkway Project. The Transportation Agency, in partnership with the City of Marina applied for the competitive grant which is funded from SB 1, the statewide gas tax, approved by the Legislature in 2017.

The grant from the new gas tax monies in the state’s Local Partnership Program was designed to reward self-help counties that have raised their own local transportation sales taxes. TAMC’s ability to compete for these funds was made possible by the passage of Measure X, the 3/8 of a percent transportation sales tax approved by Monterey County voters in 2016. By having this local source of transportation funding, the Transportation Agency successfully leveraged $17 million in Measure X funding and $3 million in the City of Marina impact fees for the additional $19 million from the SB 1 Local Partnership Program. The $19 million represents 44% of the total project costs.

“This type of leveraging is exactly what voters told us they wanted when they voted to support Measure X,” said Debbie Hale, the executive director of TAMC. “Because of their support, the City of Marina is now positioned to start construction on the multimodal project next year.”   She went on to add that this leveraging demonstrates how integral the SB 1 gas tax is to funding transportation mobility & safety projects in Monterey County.

The Marina-Salinas Multimodal Corridor project will improve overall mobility for Monterey County residents and visitors by making significant improvements on Imjin Parkway. The project on this major arterial for commuters traveling between the Monterey Peninsula and the City of Salinas will widen Imjin Parkway to 4 lanes for its entire length, with a new bicycle path and sidewalks, and roundabouts at key intersections. The result will ease congestion and serve all users on the corridor.

Bruce Delgado, the mayor of the City of Marina, said, “This project is embraced by our city because it will improve safety and access for the region and for our residents, who are bicyclists, pedestrians, transit-users and motorists using Imjin Parkway.”

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County is one of 27 recipients out of 90 applicants to receive more than a total of $309 million statewide in SB 1 Local Partnership competitive grant funds. Only jurisdictions with voter approved transportation taxes or fees were eligible to compete for these funds from the new gas tax monies.

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