2010 Excellence Awards Recipients

2010 Transportation Excellence Honorees are:


Richard Krumholz: Director, Caltrans – District 5:

In 2010 Mr. Krumholz worked tirelessly to obtain the Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 permit for the US 101 Prunedale Improvement Project. This critical permit will allow TAMC’s highest priority project to start construction in 2011. For the past several years Mr. Krumholz has been a strong supporter of highway safety and capacity improvements in Monterey County. He took the lead in acquiring state interregional funds to reinitiate the US 101 San Juan Road Interchange Project Study Report, and worked hard with TAMC to obtain state bond funding.


David Murray: Senior Transportation Planner, Caltrans – District 5:

During his 34 years with Caltrans, Dave Murray has assisted with the creation of the Monterey County Regional Development Impact Fee Program, and has coordinated with the Transportation Agency to negotiate mitigations for major land use developments, which will protect and improve regional transportation. He has also taken the lead in making Caltrans contributions to the development of Monterey County’s Regional Transportation Plans.


Megan Tolbert: Transportation Planner, California State University – Monterey Bay:

Ms. Tolbert has been a strong advocate for alternative transportation in Monterey County. Not only has she been an asset to the Transportation Agency as a Transportation Planner with CSUMB but her work with Monterey Green Action has been key to promoting the use of bicycles as a viable transportation alternative. She has taken a lead role in educating the public on the importance of rail projects in Monterey County.



Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Alliance:

The Electric Vehicle Alliance has been successful in partnering with local agencies on different grant opportunities to help secure funding for a total of approximately 23 Level II charging stations in the Monterey Bay region. They are providing local leaders valuable information on electric vehicle producers, infrastructures, needs, challenges, and technical issues to enable local leaders to make sound decisions related to electric vehicles and its infrastructure needs.



East Laurel Drive Improvement Project: City of Salinas:

This federal stimulus funded project was not only completed within budget it was completed on a very aggressive construction schedule. It provides improvements to a 1.25-mile segment of East Laurel Drive, a major corridor that links residential areas, retail shopping areas, and major job destinations north and south with its connection to the US 101 highway. East Laurel Drive carries an average daily traffic of 36,000 vehicles per day.


Caltrans – District 5: US 101 Prunedale Improvement Project Team:

The City of Seaside made an exceptional effort to incorporate transit-oriented elements into this specific plan for the city’s downtown core. The plan incorporates mixed-use and high-density buildings as well as connectivity to the proposed light rail transit station. This plan will also provide for a more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly streetscape.

10_ US101PrunedaleImprovementProjectTeam

Theresa Wright is the Transportation Agency for Monterey County Transportation Excellence Awards Program contact person. If you have any questions, you can reach her at (831) 775-0903, or via email at: theresa@tamcmonterey.org