2012 Excellence Awards Recipients

2012 Transportation Excellence Honorees are:


David Ewing, Graphic Designer, Caltrans District 6:

David Ewing has produced maps and graphics for Caltrans District 5 construction projects, from the Prunedale Improvement Project to Salinas Road, to Highway 156, to San Juan Road, since January 2012. For each project, he creates clear, easy-to-read-and-understand graphics that show where the projects are and what they will look like. Additionally, he has created numerous maps to show detour routes to help motorists navigate around closures and other issues, many times on very short notice. David’s work has been used in the media and is used extensively in various public meetings. His creativity, professionalism, flexibility, talent, and understanding of the time-critical nature of the work help get practical, accurate information out to the public in a timely manner.


Interagency Coordination Team

The Caltrans Interagency Coordination Team was formed in 2010 to bring together various agencies and groups that may be affected by Caltrans construction projects throughout Monterey County.  The Team improves transportation by sharing valuable, time-sensitive information about the status of projects through their monthly meetings. The improved communications helps identify and resolve issues quickly, minimizing adverse impacts on the traveling public. Examples of issues discussed and resolved include: emergency evacuation routes, access for emergency responders, school bus routes, address changes, special needs, and community complaints.


Caltrans District 5 Salinas Area Maintenance Crew

Local Caltrans District 5 maintenance crew in the Salinas area strive to provide high quality customer service and keep roadway facilities in a good and clean condition for bicyclists. They respond quickly, whether it’s cleaning up debris, installing delineation to keep vehicles from using the shoulder and negatively impacting bicyclists’ safety, or coordinating between project engineer and local agency staff during a construction project to address specific issues. This is an on-going program that builds upon the commitment to bicyclist safety shown by area Superintendent Dennis DeGroodt since 2008.



Salinas Road Aesthetic Design Advisory Committee:

The Salinas Road Interchange Aesthetic Design Advisory Committee developed the bridge concepts and landscaping aesthetic  designs for the Salinas Road Interchange overcrossing over the course of eight meetings. The designs reflect the both the heritage and the future of the communities in the area, with an artichoke relief to symbolize Castroville, and a strawberry relief to symbolize Watsonville. The committee’s work demonstrates Monterey County’s care and pride in building and maintaining excellent transportation systems, which enhances the reputation of our beautiful County and brightens the experiences for all travelers.



Regional Vanpool Program – Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, CalVans, Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District, City of Greenfield:

The Regional Vanpool Program started its first vanpool in 2009. It provides a sustainable transportation solution and serves traditionally underserved population groups – including low income and minority populations, rural communities, and agriculture workers. The program has over 73 traditional and agricultural vanpools, each serving between 8-15 riders. Depending on the number of riders, the Vanpool Program is expected to reduce between 143,000 and 287,000 vehicle miles travelled each year.


Mobility Transit Program – Monterey Salinas Transit:

Monterey-Salinas Transit provides several programs and services for those who must get to work, school, shopping, medical appointment, etc., and cannot use regular bus services. These services include: ADA Paratransit (RIDES); MST Taxi Voucher Program; and MST Travel Training Program.

Monterey-Salinas Transit also provides several programs and services for seniors who want to supplement or replace the use of their private vehicle.  They include: Senior Shuttle; and Senior Taxi Voucher Program.

In addition, MST’s Special Medical Trips Program provides bus transportation two days per month along the San Jose-San Francisco corridor. This program is open to all Monterey County residents



Mark Thomas Sidewalk and Bike Lane – City of Monterey

The Mark Thomas sidewalk and bicycle lane project installed six-foot bicycle lanes and a wide sidewalk to create buffer space between cars and pedestrians, and a smooth weather-proof area to walk and ride bicycles. The project fills a critical gap in the pedestrian and bicycle network, and improves access to transit by providing a connection between neighborhoods and activity and employment centers, and the academic institutions of the Navy Postgraduate School, Monterey Peninsula College and Santa Catalina School. The City of Monterey was the lead agency for the project, and worked closely with Caltrans to add an ADA ramp, retaining wall and bicycle left turn lane at the intersection of Mark Thomas Dr. and Aguajito Rd.  Post-construction bicycle and pedestrian counts revealed that over 170 pedestrians and bicyclists travel on the newly constructed sidewalk and bike lane.


Theresa Wright is the Transportation Agency for Monterey County Transportation Excellence Awards Program contact person. If you have any questions, you can reach her at (831) 775-0903, or via email at: theresa@tamcmonterey.org