2015 Excellence Awards Recipients

Ryan Chapman, Monterey County Public Works Traffic Engineer

 Ryan Chapman is a traffic engineer for Monterey County’s Public Works Department. He is an energetic leader who manages local roadway projects.

His innovative ideas contribute to the safety of the traveling public and saves taxpayer dollars. He oversaw the new green safety lanes on Davis Road protecting bicyclist commuting to Salinas from rural roadways. He is currently helping to manage the details for the Holman Highway Roundabout.

Mr. Chapman is a member of the TAMC Technical Advisory Committee and the Bicycle/Pedestrian Committee member. He is also a newly appointed Monterey County Road Commissioner. This dedication and commitment to safety and service has earned Ryan Chapman this honor on January 27, 2016.

Ryan Chapman

Luciano Rodriguez, Volunteer Instructor / Bicycle Advocate

Luciano Rodriguez is an avid bike commuter, who has served as a role model for using bicycling for transportation for more than 14 years. In addition to helping to break down stereotypes about bicycling for transportation, he is a role model for teens.

Since July 2012,  Luciano is a volunteer instructor for the Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center bike class, and since August 2014, he serves as class coordinator and official class provider too. While he also teaches a bike maintenance class at Rancho Cielo, most notable there was his initiative to create a network of trails on the campus.

Now, not only are these trails being used by the students on the campus, they are also being enjoyed by visitors during their Annual Family Play Day.

Luciano’s positive influence is so inspirational, that some of his students are bicycling and even racing in the Sea Otter Classic, as he does. It is for all of these reasons that we honor Luciano Rodriguez with a TAMC Transportation Excellence Award.

 LucianoLuciano Rodriguez

Cynthia Suverkrop, Advocacy, Highway 156 Safety Improvements

Cynthia Suverkrop is a tireless leader, advocate and active participant in transportation matters relating to Highway 156, Prunedale, Castroville and the Oak Hills community.  She has worked with members of her community, elected officials and agencies to work towards making the highway safer for drivers.

She has been an official member and active participant of several Highway 156 safety committees and groups.  Her  proactive role in not just attending but coordinating meetings to help her community to be informed has greatly impacted community perception of transportation issues and TAMC projects. Cynthia’s commitment to speak up for public safety has earned her this honor.




IMG_0880Cross Traffic With Car WaitingCynthia Suverkrop

Mary Ann Worden, Advocacy, Salinas Traffic and Transportation Commission

Mary Ann Worden has served with distinction on the Salinas Traffic and Transportation Commission since December 1989. Her 26 years of service have been marked by her intense advocacy for safety in transportation.

Her tenacious commitment to safety is related to a personal loss, which she has turned into advocacy to protect others. She is specifically committed to pedestrian safety and advocates for better facilities for pedestrians.

She is also an advocate for transit services, even going so far as to invite MST’s Director of Operations on a trip around Salinas to point out the need for more shelters and transit stops. To Mary Ann’s credit, MST responded with shelters and new passenger stops in Salinas.

Even the poor workmanship by a contractor resurfacing city streets did not go unnoticed by Mary Ann. She contacted the City Public Works Director, who to his surprise found the contractor was not meeting one of the necessary requirements. This dedication to public safety has earned Mary Ann Worden this honor.

Mary Ann Worden

Monterey-Salinas Transit, Electric Trolley

California’s first wireless power transfer electric vehicle was debuted by Monterey-Salinas Transit in May 2015. The vehicle is the landmark zero-emission MST Trolley, used by visitors and residents along the waterfront in Monterey.

This award recognizes MST for embracing the innovative technology that transformed a 12-year-old diesel engine into a state-of-the art vehicle with a rechargeable battery and electric drive components. The re-vamped trolley charges wirelessly as it picks up passengers at the Monterey Transit Plaza.

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County congratulates Monterey-Salinas Transit with a Transportation Excellence Award for its Electric Trolley which saves fuel and reduces emissions.

MST Electric Trolley

River Road Overlay Project, County of Monterey, Graniterock Company

The County of Monterey and Graniterock Company are  recognized for the innovative method they used to overlay a four-mile stretch of River Road. The existing pavement on this two-lane rural road used daily by thousands of commuters and visitors was in major distress and failure.

The repaving of the road utilized a pavement recycling process called Cold-In Place Recycling, which involves grinding the existing pavement, mixing it with oil and cement and then placing it back down all in one process. This new process required only two truckloads to import asphalt emulsion and cement. The conventional method of repaving the road would have required 83 truckloads to remove the old pavement and haul in new paving material.

To address other safety needs, the project eliminated passing zones, installed a full-profile centerline strip that acts as a rumble strip and alerts errant drivers, and installed flashing curve warning signs. The County of Monterey and Graniterock Company are  hereby recognized for its innovative safety improvements on the River Road Overlay Project!

River Road Project-photo 1River Road Project-photo 2River Road Overlay Project

Rio Road Repaving Project, County of Monterey, City of Carmel

The County of Monterey and the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea are hereby recognized for their collaboration on the Rio Road Repaving Project.

Through their partnership, they designed new lane alignments on Rio Road to make it safer for everyone who uses the road. By narrowing travel lanes to 11 feet, they were able to slow traffic to a safe speed and create new bike lanes. They also made other incremental improvements to make Rio Road safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists along this heavily- traveled road, and provide a “safe route” to schools for students.

We salute the County of Monterey and the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea and honor them with a Transportation Excellence Award.

Rio Road Project-photo 5Rio Road Project-photo 1Rio Road Repaving Project

San Juan Road Interchange, Caltrans, Granite Construction, MCM Construction

Caltrans, Granite Construction and MCM Construction are recognized for improving safety and mobility along Highway 101 in North Monterey County by removing the last remaining left turns across the highway.

For too long, the San Juan Road area was a choke point for interregional travel along US 101 for truckers, commuters and visitors. The highway in this area also had a high crash history and has a daily traffic volume of 63,000.

The project improved the area by removing three at-grade intersections at Dunbarton Road, San Juan Road and Cole Road and constructing one interchange near the Red Barn. The completion of the new interchange improves safety, reduces congestion and provides better access to and from the highway.

This dedication and commitment to safety has hereby earned the San Juan Road Interchange Project Team this honor on this day, January 27, 2016.

DSC_0133Awesome San Juan Road PhotoSan Juan Road Interchange

Skyway/East Alisal Street Modern Roundabout, City of Salinas

The City of Salinas is recognized for the construction of the Skyway/East Alisal Street Modern Roundabout.

Constructed in 2015, the Skyway/East Alisal Modern Roundabout replaced the existing two-way stop at the intersection to enhance traffic safety and efficiency.

The project included improvements to roadway striping, signage, lighting, landscaping and hardscape features. The roundabout has reduced traffic delays and improved safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicles, and large trucks.

For their service to the public, the City of Salinas has earned this honor on  January 27, 2016.

SkywayEast Alisal Street Modern Roundabout

Elouise Rodriguez, 15 Years of Service

Elouise Rodriguez is recognized for 15 years of dedicated service and congratulated for reaching this significant milestone in her career with the Transportation Agency for Monterey County.  Her effort and dedication plays a tremendous part in the success of the Agency. ER3 (2)Elouise Rodriguez

Kimbley Craig, Past TAMC Chair

Board Chair Armenta presented a plaque of appreciation to outgoing TAMC Board Chair Kimbley Craig for her 2015 Chairmanship of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County Board of Directors, and for her contributions to improving transportation facilities and services in Monterey County. Kimbley Craig

Theresa Wright is the Transportation Agency for Monterey County Transportation Excellence Awards Program contact person. If you have any questions, you can reach her at (831) 775-0903, or via email at: theresa@tamcmonterey.org