2019 Public Participation Plan Final Draft

The Association of Monterey Bay Area Government Area Governments (AMBAG) is required by federal regulations to prepare and maintain a public participation plan for the tri-county region. This comprehensive document guides regional planning agencies, such as the Transportation Agency for Monterey County and local jurisdictions in the public participation process and how it will be structured for federally-funded transportation plans, programs and projects in the region. Staff for the Transportation Agency has assisted AMBAG in the preparation of this draft plan.

The requirements for the Public Participation Plan include increased involvement and collaboration with members of the public, decision makers and staff from the local jurisdictions and partner agencies within the region.

Key sections of the 2019 Public Participation Plan are:

  • Public Participation Plan Guiding Principles
  • 2019 Public Participation Plan Timeline
  • Incorporating Limited English-Proficiency Populations into the Public Participation Plan
  • Public Participation Plan Procedures and Development Process
  • Interested Parties and Public Engagement
  • Online and Visualization Outreach Strategies

​The Final Draft 2019 Public Participation Plan adopted by the Transportation Agency’s Board of Directors on October 23, 2019 is available at this link: Final_2019_PPP_with_Appendices (1)

You can also review it on the AMBAG website at: https://ambag.org/programs-services/planning/public-participation-plan.