2020 Competitive Grants Call for Projects

The Transportation Agency is pleased to announce the call for projects for the 2020 Competitive Grants. This programming cycle covers fiscal years 2020/21, 2021/22, and 2022/23. The three-year estimated competitive funding available is up to $12.2 million, which includes $9.36 million of new Regional Surface Transportation Program funds, $750,000 of new Transportation Development Act 2% for bicycle and pedestrian project funds, and up to $2.1 million unexpended from the last competitive grants cycle.

The deadline for billing to the prior year cycle is three years after approval of the grants, or August 31, 2020.

Grant applications are due to the Transportation Agency on June 1, 2020

Download the 2020 Regional Surface Transportation Program Guidelines and Grant Application (MS Word)

Project proposals for the competitive program will be evaluated based on the following scoring rubric for a total of 100 points:

Screening Criteria:

  1. The proposed project will be implemented within 3 years
  2. The project is consistent with local and regional plans
  3. For intersection projects, an Intersection Control Evaluation has been or will be completed
  4. The project has a positive benefit / cost ratio

Section A – Project Information & Regional Significance (25 points total)

  1. Traffic volumes in the corridor – 10 points
  2. The project will mitigate safety hazards – 10 points
  3. The project serves regional travel – 5 points

Section B – Complete Streets (25 points total)

  1. Stakeholder outreach was conducted – 5 points
  2. The project incorporates complete streets treatments – 10 points
  3. The project improves bicycle, pedestrian or transit design features – 5 points
  4. This is a maintenance project with complete street enhancements – 5 points

Section C – Project Readiness & Cost Effectiveness (25 points total)

  1. Project is ready to bid within three years – 5 points
  2. Request for funding will fully-fund the project – 10 points
  3. Project has completed the environmental phase – 5 points
  4. Project has completed the design / right-of-way phase – 5 points

Section D – Prior Project Delivery Performance (25 points total)

  1. The jurisdiction is maximizing the use of fair-share RSTP – 10 points
  2. The jurisdiction has delivered previously-awarded competitive projects on time – 10 points
  3. This funding request does not fund a cost-overrun – 5 points