2020 Funding Program

The TAMC Board of Directors approved the 2019 Integrated Funding Plan for priority regional transportation projects at their meeting in December, which Board Chair Robert Huitt described as “one of the best tools” TAMC staff has developed, for it clarifies complex transportation funding relationships and puts everything in perspective.

The revised five-year integrated funding plan presented by TAMC staff identifies Measure X sales tax revenues, regional development fees, State Transportation Investment Program funds, Senate Bill 1 competitive funds, and Local Partnership formula funds as potentially available sources of funding. The 2019 Integrated Funding Plan strategizes how to best match availability of funds with the latest delivery schedules for priority regional transportation projects. The Plan’s purpose is to ensure that the Agency is coordinating the programming of various funding sources in the most efficient manner, as well as, identifying and pursuing available sources of matching funds for Measure X and State Transportation Improvement Program funds. In order to receive the County’s share of State Transportation Improvement Program funds, the Transportation Agency must prepare and submit a Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) to the California Transportation Commission.

Monterey County’s 2020 Regional Transportation Improvement Program reflects TAMC’s dedication to improving statewide and regional travel by constructing high-priority highway, regional road, rail, and bicycle and pedestrian transportation projects throughout the region. To that end, the Transportation Agency selected projects to program in the 2020 Regional Transportation Improvement Program that are either ready for construction or moving quickly through pre-construction phases; are regional priority projects in Measure X with multimodal features; are in the adopted or draft Sustainable Communities Strategy; and are excellent candidates for the Senate Bill 1 grant programs.

Download the 2019 Integrated Funding Plan
Download the 2020 Regional Transportation Improvement Program