Rail Policy Committee

The Rail Policy Committee advises the Transportation Agency for Monterey County Board on matters related to the establishment of passenger rail service in Monterey County.


The Rail Policy Committee is composed of TAMC Board Members or their alternates from the following jurisdictions on the rail lines: Cities of Salinas, Marina, Sand City, Seaside, and Monterey, Supervisorial District 1, Supervisorial District 2, Supervisorial District 4, Supervisorial District 5, and two representatives from South Monterey County: either (a) the 3rd District County Supervisor and a voting TAMC Board member from one of the South Monterey County Cities, or (b) two voting TAMC Board members from South Monterey County Cities. The TAMC Chair may appoint annually ex-officio members as needed.

At present, two rail corridors are under study; service on the Coast Line connecting Salinas to San Jose and to San Luis Obispo, and service on the Monterey Peninsula. TAMC owns the rail right-of-way for the Monterey Branch Line, which extends from Castroville to Seaside.

Christina Watson is the TAMC Rail Policy Committee contact person. If you have any questions, you can reach her at (831) 775-4406, or via email at: christina (at) tamcmonterey (dot) org