MONTEREY COUNTY – The Transportation Agency for Monterey County announced that Caltrans District 5 is installing “No U-Turn” signs at all minor roads at-grade intersections on southbound and northbound Highway 101 south of Salinas between Gould Road and Chualar.

Caltrans crews began installing signs last week and expect the installations to be done in 3-4 weeks. The work includes the placement of advance intersection warning signs at every crossing, mainline truck U-turn restrictions, and side street left-turns onto US 101 restrictions.

The signs recommended by the California Highway Patrol, Caltrans and the S.O.S. US 101 Traffic Safety Alliance will prohibit trucks/commercial vehicles from making a U-turn on the highway, and/or a left turn movement off a minor road onto US 101, anywhere between Gould Road and Chualar. That would include the intersections of Esperanza, Somavia, Potter, Spence, Eckhart, Hartnell and Gould Roads. Trucks/commercial vehicles will need to use Airport Blvd. and Chualar exits to turn around and head northbound or southbound, depending on their destination.

The S.O.S Alliance has been working closely with TAMC, Caltrans and the CHP to identify safety improvements along this section of the highway to address safety concerns resulting from an increase in traffic congestion and accidents/fatalities with vehicles making left turns or U-turns along the highway.

According to Debbie Hale, Executive Director of TAMC, “This is a first step in the process to identify and implement short-term safety improvements as we continue to work on long-term solutions that can be funded and implement with our Measure X US-101 Safety Improvement Project to construct frontage roads along the highway and make related intersection improvements.”

She went on to thank the Alliance for their dedicated engagement and noted that they are hosting a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, June 6 from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the Andrus Ranch, 1563 Old Stage Road, Salinas. The town hall will be an informal public meeting to provide community members and business owners the opportunity to share their ideas concerning their traffic related issues.

To learn more about Measure X, visit the TAMC website at www.tamcmonterey.org. For more information about the S.O.S US 101 Traffic Safety Alliance, visit their Facebook page by searching for “South of Salinas Traffic Safety Alliance.”