Transportation Agency for Monterey County

Freeway Service Patrol Survey

Dear Motorist: The Freeway Service Patrol is a free service designed to relieve some of the transportation delays associated with your daily commute. In order to make this service as friendly and swift as possible, please take a minute to answer the following questions. Your complete responses will be utilized in improving this service. THANK YOU!


Freeway Service Patrol Survey
ID number:
1. How long did you wait for the Freeway Service Patrol? 0 - 5 Minutes
5 - 10 Minutes
10 - 20 Minutes
20 - 30 Minutes
2. How did the Freeway Service Patrol know you needed help? Driver saw me
Used a call box
CHP requested assistance
Used cellular
3. Overall, how would you rate the Freeway Service Patrol? Excellent
4. If your car was towed off the freeway by the Freeway Service Patrol, how long before additional help arrived? 0 - 5 minutes
5 - 10 minutes
10 - 20 minutes
20 - 30 minutes
5. How did you hear about the Freeway Service Patrol Program? Newspaper

Had not heard about it until today

6. How would you improve the Freeway Service Patrol Progam? Good Service, no improvement necessary
Quicker response time
Extend hours of operation
Extend freeway coverage
Improve driver courtesy
Provide additional safety drop locations
Thank you for your feedback on the Freeway Service Patrol Program. Your input is highly valued.

* No gratuities or payments will be accepted by the Freeway Service Patrol truck drivers. Freeway Service Patrol truck drivers cannot recommend secondary tow operators.

Freeway Service Patrol is a joint effort of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC), the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the California Highway Patrol (CHP).