Fort Ord Regional Trail and Greenway

Project Update

The Environmental review and preliminary engineering design for the FORT Ord Regional Trail and Greenway (FORTAG) project is underway. Certification of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is expected by June 2020.

FORTAG is proposed as a 24.2-mile continuous 12-ft wide paved bicycle and pedestrian trail with an open-space buffer on both sides. It will connect to 7.5 miles of existing Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail, for a total 31.7 regional trail. 

The project is part of a larger effort to connect communities in and around the former Fort Ord to each other and to education, employment, community and recreation centers. It is a proposed new paved regional active transportation route that will serve as a safe pedestrian and bicycle corridor connecting Seaside, Marina, Del Rey Oaks, Monterey and unincorporated community residents to California State University Monterey Bay, the Fort Ord National Monument and the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail.

Project Benefits 

  • Provides a safe connection between residential areas, schools, workplaces, regional parks, and city services
  • Enhances property values along the greenway corridor
  • Provides community health benefits from active transportation routes
  • Creates economic benefits from associated retail, hospitality, and competitive events

FORTAG has $20 million in Measure X funding. $500,000 of State SB 1 Local Partnership Program funds and $500,000 of Transportation Development Act 2% funds have been allocated for environmental review and engineering design.

More information about the Fort Ord Regional Trail & Greenway (FORTAG) Project , click onto this link: