G12 Corridor Study


The Final Plan for the G12 Pajaro to Prunedale Corridor 

The purpose of the G12 Corridor Study was to identify improvements that will provide safer access to all modes of travel along the G12 corridor, which extends from Pajaro to Prunedale. The study evaluated current and future travel pattern between Highway 101/San Miguel Canyon Road Interchange in Prunedale, to Highway 1/Salinas Road Interchange, to the end of Main Street in Pajaro. It also explored the feasibility of affordable mid-term and long-term operational and safety improvements in context with other planned regional improvements, while retaining the unique character of the Elkhorn Slough. The final results of the G12 Pajaro to Prunedale Corridor Study can be reviewed at the following link:https://www.tamcmonterey.org/programs/pajaro-to-prunedale-corridor-study/.