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Job Announcement : Transportation Planner

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Transportation Planner

(Entry Level through Associate)
$4,442-8,174 per month

FILING DEADLINE:  12:00 pm, Thursday, May 13, 2021


Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) is a countywide transportation-planning agency responsible for developing long range transportation plans, distributing local, state and federal transportation grants and administering various transportation projects and programs.  TAMC is a high-energy, service‑oriented agency with a small staff and a 17-member Board of Directors. Employees are encouraged to participate in training programs and develop new skills.


This is a full- time position with good medical and retirement benefits. The Transportation Planner opening will be filled at the appropriate level (assistant planner, planner, associate planner) in the job classification system, based on qualifications.


  • An initiative-taker who will follow through in timely manner on detailed assignments,
  • An enthusiastic, positive person who has a pleasant customer service attitude,
  • A good communicator with effective writing and oral presentation skills;
  • A person with strong financial and planning skills; and,
  • A team player that can maintain effective interpersonal relationships with staff and the public.


  • Manage or assist with transportation programming and financial projections, regional development impact fee policies and updates;
  • Serve as lead bicycle and pedestrian program coordinator, overseeing committee activities, key projects and programs.
  • Research policies, analyze data and write staff reports, plans, informational flyers and grant applications;
  • Make presentations to colleagues, decision-making bodies and the public.
  • Prepare Requests for Proposals, coordinate selection of consultant contracts for various studies and documents, and draft and manage consultant contracts according to state and federal requirements. 


  • Knowledge of: transportation planning theory, principles, and methods (data collection, statistical analysis, report writing); current trends in transportation planning; federal and state laws and regulations involving transportation programs.
  • Ability to: plan, implement, and manage transportation programs and projects; communicate effectively orally and in writing, including preparing reports, studies, and plans utilizing technical and statistical information; use computer systems and software applications for data analysis, report writing, and oral presentations.
  • Experience with website updates and advanced computer applications is a plus.
  • Ability to communicate in Spanish with members of the public is not required but desirable.


To apply for the above position, please submit by the filing deadline a complete application package that includes each of these four items:

  • A cover letter, 
  • a standard Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) Application form (PDF | Excel),
  • a complete response to these Supplemental Questions; and,
  • a resume. 

Application packages must include all four documents in a single e-mail submittal. The application form may be obtained from our website:  To be eligible for consideration, complete application packages must be received by 12 noon, Thursday, May 13, 2021 at:

  • Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC)
  • Rita Goel, Director of Finance & Administration


All application materials will be competitively evaluated.  Those applicants who are determined to be the most appropriately qualified will be invited to participate further in the process.  An oral and/or written exam may further assess the applicant’s level of required skills and knowledge.  If you have questions, call (831) 775-0903.