“Maneuvering Through the Holman Highway 68 Roundabout”

Emergency vehicles have proved themselves capable of navigating the new Holman Highway 68 roundabout despite the roundabout’s narrow width.

Fire Chief Gaudenz Panholzer of the Monterey Fire Department said there was “some concern expressed about whether [emergency responders] can get [emergency vehicles] through the roundabout.”

On Monday, fire crews allowed KION to ride in the largest vehicle in the fleet, a 57′ long, 11′ high, nearly 9′ wide fire truck. It was able to easily maneuver the roundabout.

However, there are accommodations for vehicles that need a little extra space: truck aprons.

To see the full report and the video by KION 5/46 Reporter Mariana Hicks click onto :http://www.kion546.com/news/maneuvering-through-the-holman-highway-68-roundabout/592165948