Transportation Agency for Monterey County

Senior & Disabled Transportation Program

The Senior & Disabled Transportation Services Program is part of the Regional Safety, Mobility and Walkability Measure X Program. The purpose of this program is to increase transportation services for seniors and persons with disabilities to support their ability to live independently in their homes and communities.

Per Measure X policies, this program is intended to fund non-profit transportation services to support seniors and persons with disabilities.

As spelled out in the policies and projects of Measure X, the goals of this program are to:

  • Give seniors more transportation options
  • Support independent travel by people with disabilities
  • Provide safer and more reliable senior transportation services

The intent of this program is to fund projects, programs and operations that meet these goals.


This program funding allocation is $15 million over 30 years, which is approximately $500,000 per year.

Measure X: Senior & Disabled Mobility Grant Program: Applications Closed. 

A 3-year cycle of funding will be available, with a call for projects beginning on October 30, 2017 and program applications were due noon PST, December 1, 2017. Approximately $1.5 million will be available for the initial program’s 3-year cycle covering fiscal years 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20.

Measure X: Senior & Disabled Mobility – Final Guidelines (PDF)

Successful Applications:

Senior & Disabled Mobility Funding Recommendation Presentation (PDF)


Contact Stefania Castillo at (831) 775-4412 or stefania@tamcmonterey.org if you have questions about this Measure X program.