Monterey Herald: Letter to the Editor -“Don’t be misled by opponents to Measure X”

Voters should not be misled by the commentary claiming questions remain unanswered about the proposed Monterey County transportation improvement plan and sales tax, Measure X, on the November ballot. The Salinas Taxpayers Association asked tough questions about this proposal in January. We endorsed it in April. There is no mystery about who collects the Measure X tax and guarantees that it will only be used for transportation. California Government Code Section 29530-29531 outlines the process already used by 20 “self-help” transportation improvement agencies in California.

Oversight and accountability for Measure X include the county treasurer, the county auditor, the county board of supervisors, the TAMC board, TAMC administrators, and the Measure X oversight committee. Measure X requires annual independent audits. And of course the people should fulfill their own democratic responsibility to make TAMC accountable for complying with the law.

Kevin Dayton, president, Salinas Taxpayers Association

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