Monterey Herald: Letter to the Editor-“Measure X Can Provide Road Improvements”

Measure X can provide road improvements

As a fiscal conservative, I am skeptical of most ballot initiatives that result in increased taxes.

Measure X is different. If passed, Measure X, the 3/8-cent transportation sales tax measure, would not only generate $600 million for transportation network improvements over 30 years but it would grant “Self-Help” status to Monterey County by the California Transportation Commission. Acquiring Self-Help status means that Monterey County would be eligible for matching funds and grants from the California Transportation Commission.

Alameda County is a Self-Help county and it has leveraged its transportation sales tax by 300 percent. That means Monterey County could leverage its expected $600 million into $1.8 billion from Measure X!

The choice is clear. Pass Measure X and receive up to $1.8 billion to improve our roads, or don’t pass Measure X, receive nothing and watch traffic congestion continue to increase and our roads and transportation infrastructure continue to deteriorate.

— Jerry B. Edelen, mayor, Del Rey Oaks

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