Monterey Herald: Letter to the Editor-“Measure X Transportation Funds Desperately Needed”

For those of us who commute between Salinas and the Peninsula, Measure X will provide the local dollars and access to state matching dollars desperately needed to address our collective frustration with congestion, poorly maintained roads and safety. Measure X will also fund projects that will improve air quality and help reduce local emissions by improving options for walking and biking as well as for public transportation.

Measure X’s plan provides each of the cities and the county with 60 percent of the dollars raised for maintaining local roads and a list of essential projects for reducing congestion. It is a balanced plan that deserves your support.

As a county resident who spends a great amount of time on Highway 68, Reservation Road, Imjin Parkway and Highway 1, I want Measure X to pass so that I have a safe, manageable commute. As an environmentalist who loves the natural beauty of Monterey County, I’m motivated by Measure X’s focused, well-thought-out plan for improving noncar forms of transit.

I also trust that Measure X funding will be spent well because it requires a strict citizen’s oversight committee and yearly independent audits to ensure that all funds are spent according to an existing plan for improving transportation in Monterey County. Yes on X!

Fred Meurer, Salinas

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