Monterey Herald: Letter to the Editor-“Too Many Unanswered Questions With Measure X”

Vote no on Measure X!

Measure X is just another way of increasing our already hefty sales tax. The reason for a tax increase is that our politicians have failed to improve the transportation tax system. That system has not been changed or overhauled in at least two decades.

It basically is a tax on the purchase of gasoline or diesel. For more than 20 years the government has mandated that the auto industry produce cars with remarkably better fuel efficiency. This has led to more hybrid or all-electric vehicles.

The amount of miles driven by all cars together has not come down, but fewer and fewer gallons of gasoline or diesel are being used to fuel these vehicles. The flier from the “Yes on X” committee correctly states that the money generated by the “old” system has been cut in half. This trend will continue, which is cars will use less and less gasoline or diesel for transportation which will clearly lead to further underfunding of the transportation fund. So, voting yes on Measure X would only be a temporary fix of the problem.

It is about time that our politicians start to overhaul the system and tax the actual miles driven by every car or truck. This wear and tear on our roads requires road maintenance…not the gasoline or fuel or other energy needed to move the vehicles that cause the deterioration. Such a system should apply to all cars and trucks independent of whether they use gasoline, diesel, bio, electric or other power.

It is not appropriate that the Measure X sales tax will result in taxing everything in sight-your next purchase of a burger or new clothing. Who will actually (physically) collect the Measure X tax and guarantee that it will only be used for the transportation fund?

Until these issues are answered, we should vote no on Measure X.

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