Monterey Herald: Letters to the Editor-“Measure X Will Improve Quality of Life for Everyone”

I strongly urge a yes vote on Measure X to improve public safety by investing in our local infrastructure:better roads, bridges, trails, tunnels, sidewalks and more.

Monterey County is an in-and-out economy. We bring visitors in and send produce out-these are the two highest value economic activities on/for the Central Coast. A robust transportation system is vital to sustaining our economic growth. That means reducing traffic congestion, improving highway safety, fixing potholes and funding transportation alternatives like trails, biking and walking.

The funds Measure X raises can only be used for those specific purposes described therein. That means transportation services for seniors and people with disabilities will improve too. Also, if Measure X passes, it will qualify Monterey County for matching funds from the state of California.

Largely rural in nature, Monterey County expands over 3,770 miles with a diverse population of 433,898 residents. Measure X funds will enable the Transportation Agency for Monterey County to improve all transportation modes to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives in Monterey County. Vote yes on Measure X.

Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel

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