Participate in the Active Transportation Plan

Help plan for walking and biking improvements in Monterey County!

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County is working on developing the Active Transportation Plan, an update to the Transportation Agency’s 2011 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The Active Transportation Plan will  focus on:

  • analyzing key gaps
  • identifying opportunity sites for innovative bicycle facility design
  • identify areas for enhanced regional and local connectivity

Share your feedback! Use our Wikimapping tool to tell us about:

  • routes you currently walk/bike
  • routes you’d like to walk or bike if improvements were made
  • barriers to biking/walking

Your input is an important component of developing the Monterey County Active Transportation Plan. Participate online! Share your thoughts on the map: 

*for detailed instructions, see “About & Help” in the map menu bar below

1) DRAW your current walking/biking routes or routes that you would walk/bicycle if improvements were made by clicking “Routes”

2) DRAW destinations that you currently bike/walk to or barriers to walking/biking by clicking on “Points”

3) DESCRIBE the route or point

t; Bike box and green bike lane (Source: NACTO).[/caption]

Protected bike lane (Source: NACTO)


For more information on this Plan, click here or call (831)775-0903.