Bike & Pedestrian

The Transportation Agency Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program regularly provides state and federal funding to its member agencies to develop and construct locally-sponsored bicycle and pedestrian projects that enhance the regional transportation network.

Current projects and programs include:

Program Information & Resources
Bicycle and Pedestrian Wayfinding Plan Bike to School Day Resource Guide
Monterey County Bike Map Bike/Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail – May 2016 update (PDF) Final Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Master Plan January 2008 (6Mb PDF)
Via Salinas Valley  Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision

bike_signThe Transportation Agency for Monterey County supports the development of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure by preparing long range plans for improvements, funding locally-sponsored projects and by administering programs supporting the maintenance of the County’s bikeways. These activities are described below. Links to important documents and additional information on specific programs are provided above. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Advisory Committee serves to advise staff and the Agency Board of Directors on these plans and programs, as well as to provide a forum for the discussion and resolution of issues related to bicycle and pedestrian transportation.

Monterey County Active Transportation Plan: The Transportation Agency for Monterey County prepared the Monterey County Active Transportation Plan (adopted June 2018), which is a long range planning document that sets forth goals and objectives for improving bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and identifies priorities for funding projects. The plan also identifies programs that will be conducted to promote bicycling and walking throughout the county. This plan is an important document that, when accepted by the State, allows cities and the county to be eligible and more competitive for state and federal grant funding.

Transportation Development Act 2% (TDA) Program: The Transportation Development Act (TDA) designates ¼ percent of the retail sales tax collected by the state for eligible planning, bicycle, and transit purposes. The TDA provides 2% of all Transportation Development Act funds for bicycle and pedestrian projects. The Transportation Agency for Monterey County administers the distribution of about $250,000 per year under this program. Funds are directed to regionally important projects recommended by Agency staff through a competitive selection process that occurs every three years.

Bicycle Facilities Service Request Form: To encourage the improvement of local roads to better support bicycling, the Transportation Agency for Monterey County has created the Bicycle Facilities Service Request Form. These forms are available online and at most bicycle shops. To report potholes, debris in the bike lane, or other impediments to bicycling, members of the public can submit this form to the Transportation Agency for Monterey County. We will relay your information to the responsible agency. Our hope is that all of these efforts will encourage more people to consider riding a bike or walking to work or school, to the store, or for recreation.

Madilyn Jacobsen is the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s current Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. If you have any questions, you can reach her at (831) 775-4402, or via email at: