Bicycle Secure Program

The Bicycle Secure Program continues the Agency’s public mandate to, among other things, work to achieve a coordinated and balanced regional transportation system by promoting active transportation. By providing secure bicycle parking, businesses and agencies can attract more bicycle-riding patrons and support bicycle commuting employees. Providing secure parking supports the growing number of people who choose to bicycle for economic, health, and environmental reasons. In addition to bicycle racks, the program also includes bicycle shelters, bicycle repair stations, skateboard racks, and funding for artistic bicycle racks.

How to Install a Bike Rack
Example Video

Examples of Available Equipment

Angled bike racks that are great for tight spaces.

Wall mounted racks for indoor storage.

Funding for artistic bike rack designs.

Bicycle repair stations.

Skateboard Racks.

Madilyn Jacobsen is the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s current Bicycle Secure Program contact person. If you have any questions,  call (831) 775-4402, or email: