Active Transportation Plan

The Monterey County Active Transportation Plan focuses on analyzing key gaps from the existing and proposed bicycle and pedestrian networks, identifying opportunity sites for innovative bicycle facility design, and identified areas for enhanced regional and local connectivity. Community input was a key component of the plan, and guided the development of priority projects and infrastructure improvements.The Plan focuses on identifying high priority bicycle and pedestrian projects.

The Monterey County Active Transportation Plan was adopted at the TAMC Board of Directors June 27, 2018 meeting:

Monterey County Active Transportation Plan (Complete Document – 58 MB PDF)

By chapter:

Browse Draft Active Transportation Plan improvements:

Draft Documents incorporated into the Active Transportation Plan:

Are you interested in learning more and being a part of the planning process? You can:

As part of the planning process, input was collected online and at public meetings and workshops.  This map summarizes the comments we received online:

The Plan timeline:

  • Spring/Summer 2016: Existing Conditions, Plan Goal Development
  • Fall/Winter 2016: Community Outreach & Public Input
  • Fall 2017: Project Refinements & Ranking
  • Winter 2017/Spring 2018: Plan Development
  • Spring 2018: Plan Adoption

See examples of innovative bicycle facilities design features to be included in this Plan update:


Protected intersection (cross bike) for bicyclists in Davis, CA

Protected bike lanes in Mountain View, CA
Example of a bike box and green bike lane (Source: NACTO).
Example of a cycletrack (Source: NACTO).

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Stefania Castillo is the Monterey County Active Transportation Plan contact. You can reach her via email at or at (831)775-4412.