Review Guidelines

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County adopted these guidelines to assist cities, the county, and developers in adequately assessing the impact of their project on the regional transportation system.
1. Use the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and the Congestion Management Program level of service standards (LOS).
2. Check given traffic volumes against CMP monitoring and state and local agency published traffic volumes.
3. Check LOS against the CMP LOS Monitoring and CMP LOS Standards.
4. Check to see if methods used to calculate LOS are Highway Capacity Manual methods.
5. Check to see if the TAMC Bikeways Plan is affected.
6. Check to see if pedestrian access is provided to and through the development.
7. Check that improvements identified along the affected corridors are now programmed in funded transportation capital programs. These can be identified by the document to show valid future congestion relief.
8. Point out where the plan or project is inconsistent with TAMC approved plans.
9. Point out suggested remedial actions and reference the specific TAMC RTP or CMP Goal. See attached list of suggested measures.
10. Where several jurisdictions may be affected, suggest that those agencies be involved in resolving impacts.
11. All comments on plans and EIR’s are copied to affected agencies.
12. When the final document is released review whether comments were addressed.
13. If a serious problem is foreseen after comments are submitted and responded to, report to the TAMC Board for any action required.