2008 Award Recipients

2008 Transportation Excellence Honorees are:


Mustard Seed Biodiesel Research,
Monterey-Salinas Transit:

Their innovative research with biofuel made from locally grown mustard seed will reduce MST’s reliance on oil and will provide a fully sustainable alternative to diesel that will lessen 08_TEA_mst_mustard_seed_biodieselenvironmental impacts.





Holman Highway 68 –
Community Hospital Project:

City of Monterey, TAMC, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, URS Corporation, Granite Construction, Bestor Engineers, Caltrans: The Holman Highway 68 CHOMP Project has resulted in a more functionally efficient intersection with improved traffic conditions and safety through the intersection. The project has dramatically improved access to and from the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, while preserving the scenic forested area around the project.08_TEA_holman_hwy68_chomp





Basin Complex Fire – Highway 1

Winter Preparation Project:

Caltrans – District 5, Granite Construction, AIS Construction, and Hi Tech Rockfall Construction: This very important project will prevent or minimize highway closures associated with rockslides and debris flows resulting from increased runoff and will significantly increase Caltrans’ ability to maintain Highway 1 in Big Sur during the winter months.08_TEA_basin_complex_fire_hwy1






Elkhorn Slough Early Mitigation Partnership: Caltrans – District 5, Elkhorn Slough Foundation:

This partnership promotes environmental streamlining by developing partnerships, funding strategies and conservation agreements to provide timely, coordinated, regional-scale compensatory mitigation for multiple transportation projects. Early mitigation planning and partnering reduces project and process delays by developing sustainable mitigation measures early in project development.08_TEA_elkhorn_slough







Jim and Mary Lou Vossen:
Program Director, Your Town Program, KNRY AM 1240:

Mr. and Ms. Vossen have been an important asset to transportation in Monterey County by broadcasting the “Your Town” Radio and Television Show, which has facilitated the sharing of important transportation topics to Monterey County residents for the past few years.08_TEA_jim_marylou





Ron Pasquinelli and Sam Teel,

Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association:

Mr. Pasquinelli and Mr. Teel were the knowledgeable “men on the street” about the Transportation Investment Plan, with no other agenda than to improve the transportation system. Their independent points of view made them very persuasive to audiences and gained many new supporters for local transportation funding. Their efforts were an important factor in raising the approval of the plan from 57% in 2006 to nearly 63% in November 2008.08_TEA_ron_sam






Honorable Mention:

Point Lobos State Reserve-Accessible Trail:
California State Parks:

Provides a wheelchair accessible trail to areas of the park that would not normally be accessible to the handicapped.08_TEA_point_lobos






Tynan Village, Transit-Oriented Development:

Monterey County Housing Authority:

This project has strived to incorporate transit and livable communities elements. Pedestrian paths leading to downtown Salinas have been improved and three major bus lines in Salinas directly and frequently serve this area.08_TEA_tynan_village






Seaside Auto Center Revitalization Project:

City of Seaside:

The new intersection and traffic signals in Seaside have greatly improved circulation within the auto center as well as traffic flow on Del Monte and Fremont Boulevards. In addition, pavement repair inside and out of the auto center make the ride smoother for motorists.08_TEA_seaside_auto_center






Agricultural Freight Rail Study, Grower-Shipper Association of Central California:

City of Salinas, Monterey County, TAMC:

This study concluded that shipping agricultural freight by rail out of Monterey County makes sound fiscal sense and could reduce the number of trucks on Monterey County roads.08_TEA_ag_freight_rail_study






City of Soledad Bike Lanes: City of Soledad:These new lanes encourage residents to bicycle by providing a safe environment for them. Motorists are also more aware of cyclists in the lanes and are better able to share the road with bicyclists.08_TEA_seaside_bike_lanes






Moss Landing – Route 1 Centerline ‘Soft’ Median Barrier and Turnouts Project: Caltrans – District 5: The soft median barrier and turnouts provide improved motorist safety and traffic flow by discourages passing thereby reducing the number of cross centerline collisions.08_TEA_moss_landing_barrier






Pacific Street Improvements: City of Monterey: This project has made Pacific St. significantly safer, with smooth traffic operations for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists.08_TEA_pacific_st_improvements






Reservation Road Bike Lanes: City of Marina:These new bicycle lanes provide a safe riding space for bicyclist. Motorists are also more aware of cyclists in the lanes and are better able to share the road with bicyclists.08_TEA_reservation_rd_bike_lanes






Larkin Street Bridge: City of Monterey: The project preserved an important historic resource and also provided continued and improved access to Monterey High School.08_TEA_larkin_st_bridge








Kristen Hoschouer is the Transportation Agency for Monterey County Transportation Excellence Awards Program contact person. If you have any questions, you can reach her at (831) 775-4403, or via email at: kristen@tamcmonterey.org