2009 Award Recipients

2009 Transportation Excellence Honorees are:


Reinie Jones,
District Local Assistance Engineer,
Caltrans – District 5:

Ms. Jones went above and beyond expectations to provide Monterey County with the highest quality assistance in navigating the complex federal requirements for delivery of transportation projects. She was instrumental in helping Monterey County jurisdictions be ready to use federal Recovery Act funding. With Ms. Jones’ assistance, Monterey County projects were some of the first in the state to obligate Recovery Act funds.09_TEA_Reinie_Jones





Adriana Frederick,

KSMS Channel 67 Univision, Reporter:

Ms. Frederick has done an exceptional job of following regional transportation projects and reporting these important projects to the Spanish speaking community of Monterey County.09_TEA_Adriana_Frederick_KSMS





Robert Down Elementary School:

An exceptional effort was made by this school to promote alternative transportation for students and staff, such as riding the bus, bike riding and walking throughout the year. Their campaign has dramatically increased bus ridership and improved air quality by taking cars off the road. The school also promotes bicycling and walking, which improves student health and can reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.09_TEA_Robert_Down_Elementary_School







Kings Area Rural Transit & City of Greenfield, Agricultural Industries Transportation Services:

This program has filled a critical need in Monterey County by administering 20 vanpools serving approximately 220 agricultural workers in Salinas, Gonzales, Soledad, Greenfield and King City, reducing vehicle miles traveled by approximately 14.8 million miles, yielding a total greenhouse gas emissions reduction of up to 2,871 tons of emissions annually.09_TEA_Greenfield_King_Area





Monterey-Salinas Transit,

Presidio Bus Service:

These new commuter bus operations have substantially reduced vehicle miles traveled on regional roadways as Department of Defense employees choose to ride transit, thus contributing to the reduction of traffic congestion on the Monterey Peninsula during peak commuting periods. This reduction in vehicle miles traveled also helps Monterey County reduce its carbon footprint to help combat climate change.09_TEA_MST_Persidio_Bus






City of King,
First Street Bridge Replacement:

This long awaited bridge provides a vital connection between US 101 and Metz Road and Bitterwater Road/Highway 25. This project has improved safety for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians on a heavily used truck route. It also raised the bridge eight feet above the flood zone, reducing the potential for flooding. This bridge has improved the corridor by creating a southern gateway into town and promoted economic development in the area.09_TEA_King_City_1st_Street





City of Seaside:

West Broadway Urban Village Specific Plan:

The City of Seaside made an exceptional effort to incorporate transit-oriented elements into this specific plan for the city’s downtown core. The plan incorporates mixed-use and high-density buildings as well as connectivity to the proposed light rail transit station. This plan will also provide for a more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly streetscape.09_TEA_Seaside_Urban_Village




Caltrans – District 5:

Highway 101, Gloria Overpass Repair in Soledad:

Following a terrible accident, the Gloria overpass in Soledad experienced extensive structural damage. Caltrans worked diligently to complete the modifications and repairs to the overpass in two months. With the erection of the new safety fencing and the improvements to the overpass, residents saw their tax dollars utilized in a timely fashion to improve the quality and safety of roads in Monterey County.09_TEA_Caltrans_District-5








Kristen Hoschouer is the Transportation Agency for Monterey County Transportation Excellence Awards Program contact person. If you have any questions, you can reach her at (831) 775-4403, or via email at: kristen@tamcmonterey.org