Transportation Agency for Monterey County

Canyon Del Rey Boulevard (SR 218) Corridor Study

Participate in the Corridor Study

*Join us at the upcoming community workshop on Thursday, June 28 at 6pm at the Oldemeyer Community Center – Seaside Room, 986 Hilby Ave, Seaside

Can’t attend?

Materials from the 4/7 Bus/Walk tour:

If you were unable to attend, you can add your comments on improvements that are needed on Canyon Del Rey by using the Wikimap tool. You can also send us pictures of areas along Canyon Del Rey that you think need improvements.

Pinpoint locations for improvements on the Wikimap below:

*for detailed instructions, see “About & Help” in the map menu bar below

1) DRAW your current walking/biking routes or routes that you would walk/bicycle if improvements were made by clicking “Routes”

2) DRAW barriers to walking/biking by clicking on “Points”

3) DESCRIBE the route or point

Project Background

TAMC is leading the Canyon Del Rey Boulevard (State Route 218) Corridor Study in partnership with the cities of Del Rey Oaks, Seaside and Caltrans. The Corridor Study will gather data, conduct a technical traffic forecast analysis, and utilize public input to identify a set of complete streets, stormwater drainage, active transportation, and environmental and wildlife preservation improvements for Canyon Del Rey Blvd from Highway 1 to Highway 68.

Corridor Study Goals

  • Make Canyon Del Rey Boulevard for safer for different forms of transportation and for people of all ages and abilities
  • Document existing conditions
  • Engage local residents and regional partners in the study process
  • Recommend complete street improvements including:
    • sidewalks, street furniture, lighting and plantings;
    • intersection improvements for safe, accessible pedestrian crossings;
    • bus transit improvements along the corridor;
    • bicycle lanes, paths and/or signage, including connections to existing and planned projects, such as the City of Monterey’s North Fremont Street bike and pedestrian improvements and the planned Fort Ord Regional Trail & Greenway.
  • Recommend conceptual designs for drainage and underground utility improvements, including “Green Street” improvements
  • Recommend priorities and phasing for implementing improvements
  • Identify potential fund sources for implementation

Project Funding

  • $150,960 Caltrans Strategic Partnerships Planning grant
  • State Rural Planning Assistance funds and local funds totaling $63,811 are budgeted as matching funds
  • Total project cost is estimated to be $214,771, including $133,800 cost for the consultant portion of this study

Contact: Virginia Murillo, project manager, at virginia@tamcmonterey.org or (831)775-4415 if you have questions or comments.