Transportation Agency for Monterey County

Regional Transportation Plan

The Regional Transportation Plan for Monterey County satisfies state and federal requirements to identify transportation projects that can be funded over the next 25-years to serve the county’s transportation needs.

 Below is the Final 2018 RTP, which and the CEQA documents for the joint 2040 MTP-SCS-RTP:

An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) has been prepared for the Draft EIR for the  2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan – Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), which also serves as the EIR for the 2018 Monterey County RTP. The Draft EIR, along with information about public hearings, is available at:


Regional transportation planning in California is a dynamic process. It involves the interaction of federal, state, regional, and local agencies and the consideration of multiple plans and programs. As the county’s state-designated Regional Transportation Planning Agency, the Transportation Agency for Monterey County is tasked with developing a Regional Transportation Plan, or RTP, for the county to provide a basis for the allocation of state and federal transportation funds to transportation projects within the county over a long-range timeframe. This 20-year plan addresses all forms of transportation, and includes the priorities and actions embodied in the plans prepared by each of the county’s 12 cities and the County of Monterey.

The Plan includes the following three main components:

  • Policy Element: Identifies goals and policies for how the county will meet its needs.
  • Financial Element: Identifies the revenues that they Agency reasonably expects to to be available for projects over the life of the plan.
  • Action Element: Includes a list of prioritized transportation projects to serve the county’s long-term needs within the projected “budget” of transportation revenues consistent with goals and objectives established for the plan.

The Transportation Agency coordinates the regional planning process with the Association of Monterey Bay Governments (AMBAG). The Monterey County regional plan is included in the three county Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the Monterey Bay area. These documents have been prepared to meet regional and state sustainability goals pursuant to Senate Bill 375, which requires that transportation plans be consistent with a Sustainable Communities Strategy for achieving greenhouse gas emissions targets set for the region. The Sustainable Communities Strategy is a component of the Monterey Bay 2035: Moving Forward Planprepared by AMBAG. The Draft 2014 Monterey County Regional Transportation Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Report prepared for the plan by AMBAG can be viewed above. A link to the Monterey Bay 2035: Moving Forward Plan is also included above.

Madilyn Jacobsen is the Agency’s Regional Transportation Plan contact person. If you have any questions, you can reach him at (831) 775-4402, or via email at: madilyn@tamcmonterey.org