Marina-Salinas Multimodal Corridor

The Transportation Agency is planning for a transit, bicycle, pedestrian and auto corridor which will connect the Marina area to Salinas. Some features that may be considered are bicycle facilities, sidewalks or paths, transit stops/shelters, transit prioritization at signalized intersections, dedicated bus rapid transit facilities and pedestrian and equestrian crossing enhancements.

Because the route will traverse several jurisdictions and provide access to a mix of land uses the planning process will strive for stakeholder consensus and community collaboration. TAMC will coordinate the creation of a comprehensive conceptual plan for the corridor.

The process will engage a diverse group of stakeholders that represent different socio-economic, jurisdictional and community interests. A conceptual plan for the multimodal transportation corridor will be a guiding document for development and roadway designs, and serve as a tool to raise money for project implementation. Draft Marina-Salinas Multimodal Corridor Plan.

Final Marina-Salinas Multimodal Corridor Plan – Adopted June 2015 (large file)
Final Marina-Salinas Mulitmodal Corridor Plan – Appendices
Final Marina-Salinas Multimodal Corridor Plan Executive Summary

Community Workshop Information

Workshop Flyer Imjin Pkwy (Imjin Rd to 2nd Ave)
W. Alisal (Bus Stops) 2nd Avenue (Imjin Pkwy to 9th St)****
W. Alisal Street (Blanco Rd to Lincoln Ave)**** Bus Stop Locations
Vibrancy Plan (W. Alisal St/Lincoln Ave)
Bus Stop Locations (Salinas)
Blanco Rd (S. Davis Rd to W. Alisal St) Bus Stop Locations (Marina)
S. Davis Road (Blanco Rd to Reservation Rd)
Bus Stop Locations (Dunes/CSUMB)
Reservation Rd (S. Davis Rd to Watkins Gate)
Bus Stop Locations (Salinas/County)
East Garrison
Pedestrian Crossing Locations
Reservation Rd (East Garrison to Imjin Pkwy)****
Enhanced Bus Facilities
Imjin Pkwy (Reservation Rd to Imjin Rd)****
Enhanced Bicycle Facilities

Project Information

Project Schedule Project Flyer
Project Update and Public Meeting Schedule Project Video; Proyecto de Vídeo
Alignment Alternatives Multimodal Corridor Route Map
Opportunities and Constraints-Marina Opportunities and Constraints Unincorporated
Opportunities and Constraints-Salinas Adopted Area Plans for Marina
9th Street Corridor Plan Planned Bike System
Existing Bike System Existing and Planned Transit System
Existing and Planned Pedestrian System Enhanced Bike Facilities Example
Enhanced Transit Facilities Example

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Marina Salinas Multimodal Corridor Plan Mailing List

Ariana Green is the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s Multimodal Corridor Coordinator. If you have any questions, you can reach her at (831) 775-4403, or via email at: