Pajaro to Prunedale Corridor Study

The Transportation Agency in partnership with the County of Monterey and Caltrans conducted a study of the G12 Corridor, extending from Pajaro to Prunedale, to identify improvements that will provide safer access to all modes of travel. The Corridor Study evaluated current and future travel patterns between the US101/ San Miguel Canyon Road Interchange in Prunedale, to the Highway 1/ Salinas Road Interchange, to the end of Main Street in Pajaro. The study explored the feasibility of affordable mid-term and long-term operational and safety improvements in context with other planned regional improvements, while retaining the unique character of the Elkhorn Slough.

Historically, the corridor carried mostly local travelers. Over the years, the mixture of traffic has gone from primarily local in nature to a much wider user base, including regional and inter-regional travelers.  Several factors have contributed to this change in traffic mix, including improvements to connections to the corridor and recent availability and use of route-finding mobile apps, like Google Maps, Waze and others that now allow travelers not familiar with local areas to navigate alternate routes efficiently.

The goal of the Pajaro to Prunedale Corridor Study is to facilitate critical multi-modal transportation improvements that will reduce congestion, improve safety and operations, support the regional economy, and protect the environment in North Monterey County. The study provides the data, analysis, and public deliberation necessary to make informed decisions on safety and operations projects that can be implemented over the next twenty years along San Miguel Canyon Road-Hall Road-Salinas Road (the G12 Corridor) between the Salinas and Pajaro Valleys.

Dividing the corridor into six study project areas, the study evaluated and documented: traffic congestion; bike, pedestrian and vehicle collisions, injuries and fatalities; intersection operations; bicycle level of stress; and gaps in sidewalks or pedestrian crossings. Based on these conditions, various improvements are recommended to improve safety and traffic flow.

Attached is a summary of the key recommendations for engineering improvements in the corridor and the full Pajaro to Prunedale Corridor Study report.

G12 Corridor Improvement Concepts Summary

G12 Corridor Study FINAL report

June 26, 2019 Pajaro to Prunedale TAMC Board Presentation