Transportation Agency for Monterey County

Pajaro to Prunedale Corridor Study

This corridor study was initiated by the Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) to address traffic congestion and safety concerns along the Pajaro to Prunedale corridor, also known as County Road G-12. The 10.5 mile G-12 study corridor is composed of segments of County roads, including Porter Drive, Elkhorn Road, Hall Road and San Miguel Canyon Road from the communities of Pajaro to Prunedale in northern Monterey County.  The south end of the corridor connects with U.S. 101.

Historically, the corridor carried mostly local travelers. Over the years, the mixture of traffic has gone from primarily local in nature to a much wider user base, including regional and inter-regional travelers.  Several factors have contributed to this change in traffic mix, including improvements to connections to the corridor and recent availability and use of route-finding mobile apps, like Google Maps, Waze and others that now allow travelers not familiar with local areas to navigate alternate routes efficiently.

With the recent increases in traffic levels and a growing accident history, TAMC has commissioned this Pajaro to Prunedale Corridor Study to evaluate alternatives to improve the capacity and safety of the G-12 corridor.  This study is being conducted in coordination with Monterey County and Caltrans.  TAMC is reaching out to the local communities along the route to pinpoint specific problem locations and help assess viable solutions that will truly improve the safety and operations of this important travel route.

For more information, please visit the project website at: www.pajarotoprunedalestudy.org