RFQ: On-Call Graphic Designer Addendum # 1

ADDENDUM #1 – March 30, 2020 



RFQ DUE DATE: Thursday, April 16, 2020, 12 pm, Pacific Standard Time

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to provide creative development of marketing collateral and support material to be used on multiple Agency platforms.

The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and this addendum are available on the TAMC website at: https://www.tamcmonterey.org/agency-info/bids-proposals/

Questions concerning this addendum should be addressed to Theresa Wright at 831-775-4411 or theresa@tamcmonterey.org.

The following are TAMC’s response to questions* on the RFQ:

*Questions posed via email to TAMC on March 30, 2020 

  1. Beyond the A-D listing on p5, is there anything else that should be considered for mandatory inclusion in the proposal, such as samples?  Yes, digital examples of your work should be included in your proposal.
  1. On Attachment A, p8, #8: For website/social media platforms, is the development of content referring only to providing graphics? No; this also includes video content.
  1. On Attachment A, p8, #9: For short videos, are you relying on the consultant to provide its own video production services (i.e., videography) or does TAMC have its own video services the consultant can work with? No, TAMC does not have its own video services. We are relying on the consultant to provide this service.
  1. Should we ignore the blank Attachment A & B on p22-23? There’s already similarly titled (and non-blank) pages on p8-9.  Attachments A & B are intentionally left blank in the RFQ sample. Once a contract is executed, both attachments will include detailed information about the scope of work, budget and our expectations for expenses and claims submitted.
  1. I have an active dedicated Dropbox folder. Can I send the proposal/samples there while sending you an email alerting to its presence? Yes.