RFP: Regional Traffic Counts

You are invited to submit a proposal for Regional Traffic Counts.

Proposals are due by 12:00 noon Pacific Time on Thursday, December 5th, 2019. 

Electronic submittals are preferred.

Questions are due by 12:00 noon Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019.

Click here for the RFP.

The following are TAMC’s responses to questions on the RFP:

Posted November 18, 2019:

In past solicitations, the pricing format for the Cost Proposal has been price per unit. The current forms in Attachment D Exhibit 10-H1 do not reflect this. Could we submit pricing in “price per unit” format as in previous similar RFPs/solicitations?

Answer: Consultants can include their cost estimate on a price per count type/per unit format. They do not have to use the copy of the cost proposal format from the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual Exhibit 10-H that was attached with the RFP package.

Posted October 30, 2019:

Is the proposal submittal deadline on Wednesday, December 4th or Thursday, December 5th? The RFP showed both dates.

Answer: The proposal submittal deadline is Thursday, December 5th by noon PST.

The RFP has been updated to correct this typo and is available for viewing at the TAMC Bids page, here: https://www.tamcmonterey.org/agency-info/bids-proposals/

Is a list of the count locations (including latitude and longitude coordinates) available?

Answer: No, a list of the count locations for the work included in the 2019 RFP is not available.

TAMC staff is currently coordinating on the count locations with the Public Works Directors of the thirteen local jurisdictions that participate in the program. A list of the previous years’ count locations is available at the TAMC Regional Traffic Counts page here: https://www.tamcmonterey.org/programs/traffic-counts/