“TAMC, City of Monterey Create Entertaining Roundabout Video with YMCA”

MONTEREY COUNTY –The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) announced the release of a new video designed to teach drivers how to navigate through a roundabout.  The educational video produced in collaboration with the City of Monterey features youth from the Monterey YMCA’s summer camp program.

In the lively entertaining video, campers demonstrate how easy it is to navigate through a roundabout as they interact with local disc jockey, DJ Nena, illustrating the following four basic steps of getting  through a roundabout:

  1. Yield, look left for oncoming traffic
  2. Right in to enter a roundabout
  3. Right out to exit a roundabout
  4. Roundabout-if you miss your exit, circle around one more time and then exit

Play the video below to watch “Roundabout 101 with Kids.”

For more driving tips, visit the TAMC website at: