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TAMC COVID-19 Office Protocol 

The health and safety of TAMC employees and visitors to its office is essential. While the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, a team of Agency staff has developed and the Executive Director has signed off on the attached protocol to ensure that working in the office is done in a safe and healthy manner. This protocol will be updated on a regular basis by the Executive Director to reflect the status of the pandemic within the County.

Board and Committee meetings are being held in person as of 2022, but a hybrid option is available for those who need to social distance via web conference (refer to the Board or committee agenda for access specifics.) To reach Team TAMC, you may email us at or individual staff members at their email addresses. Phones are forwarded to our remote locations on days that staff work remotely.  

In support of Monterey County businesses and commuters, our Go831 Smart Commute Program team is available to assist those interested in learning more telework programs and smart commute options at their worksites.  

For more information, please refer to the TAMC COVID-19 Office Protocol and the Go831 Smart Commute Website at