TAMC Seeks Input on Draft 2019 Public Participation Plan

In keeping with federal regulations, AMBAG with the assistance from TAMC staff has completed a draft 2019 Public Participation Plan for the tri-county region. The plan is a comprehensive document which guides TAMC, Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission, San Benito Council of Governments, as well as, local jurisdictions in the public participation process and how it will be structured for federally-funded transportation plans, programs and projects in the region.

With authorization from the Board, the Draft 2019 Public Participation Plan is being released for a 45-day public comment review period. Comments on the Draft 2019 PPP are due August 28, 2019 and may be mailed to: 55-B Plaza Circle, Salinas, CA 93910, via email to theresa@tamcmonterey.org, or via fax at (831) 775-0897.

The document can be reviewed on the AMBAG website at this link: https://ambag.org/programs-services/planning/public-participation-plan.