“Trucks Can Handle Roundabout”

Monterey-With the rules pretty clear to most drivers when encountering oversized and emergency vehicles on the road, the Transportation Agency for Monterey County is setting the record straight on the rules surrounding those same encounters for motorists not used to maneuvering through roundabouts.

The transportation agency’s latest mission is especially important for American drivers who aren’t as familiar with the traffic circles as their European counterparts. It’s also in response to those wondering if the big trucks used to transport the automobiles here for the upcoming Classic Car Week will be able to navigate the new roundabout. Transportation Agency for Monterey County and city officials have said the $10.5 million project will be done in time for the week-long event.

“Our goal is to get up all the traffic signs before Concours weekend,” said Rich Deal, a city traffic engineer with Monterey.

To read the full story written by reporter, Carly Mayberry, click onto http://www.montereyherald.com/general-news/20170725/transportation-agency-for-monterey-county-provides-rules-101-for-roundabout-driving