Transportation Agency for Monterey County


Transportation Safety & Investment Plan

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County placed the Transportation Safety & Investment Plan (Measure X) on the November 8, 2016 ballot and the measure was approved with 67.7% approval from Monterey County voters.  The measure is anticipated to generate an estimated $20 million annually for a total of $600 million over thirty years through a retail transactions and use tax of a three-eighths’ of one‑percent (3/8%). The revenue from the sales tax measure will be used to fund transportation safety and mobility projects in Monterey County.

Bicycle Secure Program

The Bicycle Secure Program continues the Agency’s public mandate to, among other things, work to achieve a coordinated and balanced regional transportation system by promoting active transportation. By providing secure bicycle parking, businesses and agencies can attract more bicycle-riding patrons and support bicycle commuting employees.

Highway 68 Roundabout

The Holman Highway 68 intersection with the Highway One southbound off-ramp and 17 Mile Drive is a gateway to Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach. Unfortunately this currently signalized intersection experiences unacceptable peak hour congestion. A roundabout feasibility study completed in 2011-2012 showed that compared to the signalized intersection option, a roundabout option is safer, less expensive, and more efficient.