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2023 Regional Transportation Plan Survey

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) is seeking public input to help define the goals , policy objectives, and performance measures of the 2026 Regional Transportation Plan. Updated every four years, the Regional Transportation Plan functions as a twenty-year road map for improvments to Monterey County's transportation systems.

Members of the public can provide input to inform the plan by either taking a quick 5-mintue online survey or by filling out a paper copy of the survey and returning it to the Transportaiton Agency. The outline and paper surveys are available in both English and Spanish languages.

Paper copies can be downloaded at these links:     

2023 RTP Public Input Survey EN.pdf2023 RTP Public Input Survey ES.pdf

or picked up in the TAMC office, located at 55-B Plaza Circle, Salinas during business hours, Monday - Friday.

The English lanugage online survey is here: English Language Survey

The Spanish language online survey is available here: Spanish Language Survey

Take the Survey!

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