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Highway 156

Highway 156 West is one of the major thoroughfares used by residents, commuters, tourists, and commercial trucks traveling to and from the Monterey Peninsula. As a result, more than 32,000 vehicles travel along this route each weekday, and Highway 156 experiences periods of heavy congestion, especially on weekends. This narrow two-lane highway can no longer accommodate this amount of traffic.

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With concerns about safety and congestion, Highway 156 West has been identified by Caltrans and the Transportation Agency for Monterey County as one of the key transportation issues that must be addressed.  The Highway 156 West Corridor Improvement Project would construct a new four-lane highway parallel to the existing Highway 156 with new interchanges constructed at Castroville Boulevard and at U.S. 101. The current two-lane highway will be converted into a frontage road that would serve the local community.  The result would be improved safety and traffic flow in the area for all drivers.

Phase Map of the State Route 156 Corridor Project

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Benefits of the State Route 156 West Corridor Project:

  • Improves safety at intersections and local access
  • Provides traffic congestion relief for 32,000 vehicles per weekday
  • Supports $2 billion per year visitor economy
  • Facilitates movement of valuable goods to market, supports $3.8 billion per year agricultural industry

Additional Information

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