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Local Access for All Program

Wheelchair accessible vehicle photo


Transportation Network Company Access for All Program

The purpose of the Access for All program is to expand and improve on-demand wheelchair accessible vehicle services throughout California. 

Call for Projects

As funding becomes available, TAMC seeks proposals from eligible applicants to become Access Providers to increase the availability of wheelchair accessible vehicle services. The next call for projects will be released early 2024, with details about how to apply appearing on this web page.

Background: SB 1376

In 2019, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) created the Transportation Network Company (TNC) Access for All Program to implement Senate Bill (SB) 1376. SB 1376 directed the CPUC to establish a program relating to the accessibility of TNC services for persons with disabilities, including wheelchair users who need a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

Funding for the TNC Access for All Program comes from an Access Fee of $0.10 collected from each completed TNC trip originating in the state of California. TNCs may “offset” the fees due to the CPUC by the amounts they spent quarterly to improve WAV service in each geographic area. Any fees remaining are distributed out to Local Access Fund Administrators (LAFAs). The amount of funding distributed out to each LAFA is the amount collected in that jurisdiction, less offsets. In areas where no organization has assumed the role of LAFA, there will be a statewide Access Fund Administrator. The LAFAs then find eligible agencies that can provide WAV service in their county, called Access Providers.

To learn more about this program from the CPUC, visit their website:

TAMC’s Role as Local Access Fund Administrator

On April 28, 2021, the TAMC Board approved of serving as the Local Access Fund Administrator. The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) serves as Monterey County’s regional transportation planning agency and is thus the local agency that is eligible to act as the Local Access Fund Administrator.

Become an Access Provider

For the purposes of the Access for All Program, the CPUC identifies eligible Access Providers as transportation carrier[s] that hold a Commission-issued permit or a non-permitted transportation carrier that can provide documentation of the following with their application: 

  1. Background checks: Carriers must perform background checks that meet or exceed what is required of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) under the TNC Application Form.
  2. Insurance: Carriers must have levels of insurance equivalent to or higher than what is required of charter-party carriers under General Order 115. 
  3. Controlled substance and alcohol testing: Carriers must be enrolled in a controlled substance and alcohol-testing program.
  4. Secretary of State Registration: Carriers must have their articles of incorporation filed with the Secretary of State. 
  5. Motor Carrier Profile with California Highway Patrol (CHP): Carriers must complete the CHP 362 Motor Carrier Profile and obtain a CA Number from the CHP. 

These requirements are in addition to the requirements for any transportation carrier to apply as an Access Provider, as adopted in Decision (D.) 20-03-007 and D.21-03-005.

A non-permitted carrier applying to serve as an Access Provider shall submit a declaration to TAMC affirming compliance with each of the requirements. A non-permitted carrier that is approved to serve as an Access Provider shall ensure that each requirement is in effect during the term the carrier operates as an Access Provider.

Access Providers must also meet the following conditions:

a. Directly provides, or contracts with a separate organization or entity to provide, on-demand wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) transportation to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.

b. “On-demand WAV transportation” means that the provider can fulfill trip requests that does not follow a fixed route or schedule.

TAMC Approved Access Providers

TAMC will open a call for projects for new Access Providers in early 2025.