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City and County Annual Reports on Measure X Spending

May contain: road, transportation, vehicle, car, and automobile

Through tax sharing agreements with the cities and the County of Monterey, the Local Streets and Road Maintenance program receives 60% of the transportation sales tax funds, estimated at a total of $360 million over 30 years.

This program provides flexible funding to cities and the County of Monterey to help them reduce the maintenance backlog on their aging street and road systems. In addition, these funds can be used for other local transportation needs that will reduce accidents and improve operations for all people and transportation modes, including local bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Listed here are individual audit documents for spending on Measure X

Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Reports

Carmel - FY22-23 TAMC Measure X Reporting.pdfDel Rey Oaks - Measure X Annual Report FY2022-2023.pdfGonzales - TAMC Measure X Gonzales 2022.23 Report.pdfGreenfield - MEASURE X FY 2022-2023.pdfKing City - Report Measure X Annual Report 22 23.pdfMarina - 2022-23 City of Marina Annual Measure X Compliance Report.pdfMonterey - FY22-23 Measure X Report.pdfPacific Grove - FINAL FY22_23 Measure X Annual Report.pdfSalinas - FY 2022-2023 Annual Program Compliance Report Final.pdfSand City - FY 2022-23 APCR_Final.pdfSeaside - Measure X FY22-23 Compliance Report.pdfSoledad - FY22-23 Measure X Annual Report_Signed.pdfCounty - Measure X annual report package 12-22-2023 signed.pdfCounty - Att-B.pdf

Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Reports

Carmel - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfDRO - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfGonzales - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfGreenfield - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfKing City - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfMarina - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfMonterey - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfPacific Grove - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfSalinas - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfSand City - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfSeaside - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdfSoledad FY 21-22 Measure X Annual Report.pdfCounty - Measure X FY21-22 Compliance Report.pdf

Fiscal Year 2020/2021 Reports

Carmel - FY20/21 Measure X AuditDel Rey Oaks - FY20/21 Measure X AuditGreenfield - FY20/21 Measure X AuditGonzales - FY20/21 Measure X AuditKing City - FY20/21 Measure X AuditMarina - FY20/21 Measure X AuditMonterey - FY20/21 Measure X AuditPacific Grove - FY20/21 Measure X AuditSalinas - FY20/21 Measure X AuditSand City - FY20/21 Measure X AuditSeaside - FY20/21 Measure X AuditSoledad - FY20/21 Measure X AuditCounty of Monterey - FY20/21 Measure X Audit


Fiscal Year 2019/2020 Reports

Salinas - FY19/20 Measure X AuditSoledad - FY19/20 Measure X AuditSeaside - FY19/20 Measure X AuditSand City - FY19/20 Measure X AuditPacific Grove - FY19/20 Measure X AuditMonterey - FY19/20 Measure X AuditMarina - FY19/20 Measure X AuditCarmel - FY19/20 Measure X AuditKing City - FY19/20 Measure X AuditGreenfield - FY19/20 Measure X AuditGonzales - FY19/20 Measure X AuditDel Rey Oaks - FY19/20 Measure X AuditCounty - FY19/20 Measure X Audit

Fiscal Year 2018/19 Reports.

Carmel – FY18/19 Measure X AuditCounty – FY18/19 Measure X AuditDel Rey Oaks – FY18/19 Measure X AuditPacific Grove – FY18/19 Measure X AuditGonzales – FY18/19 Measure X AuditSalinas – FY18/19 Measure X AuditGreenfield – FY18/19 Measure X AuditSand City – FY18/19 Measure X AuditKing City – FY18/19 Measure X AuditSeaside – FY18/19 Measure X AuditMarina – FY18/19 Measure X AuditSoledad – FY18/19 Measure X AuditMonterey – FY18/19 Measure X Audit