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Freeway Service Patrol

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Freeway Service Patrol vehicle drivers contract with the Transportation Agency for Monterey County to provide “quick fix” items, such as furnishing one gallon of gasoline, changing flat tires, and even towing your vehicle to a CHP-designated drop location.  All services are provided free of charge to motorists at the time of service.

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The Freeway Service Patrol provides assistance to motorists who are stranded on the highway. A Freeway Service Patrol driver will help with changing a flat tire, jump starting a car, taping hoses and refilling a radiator, and providing a gallon of fuel. If the Freeway Service Patrol cannot start a vehicle, the car will be towed free of charge to the nearest California Highway Patrol-identified location. If needed, the Freeway Service Patrol will provide a free ride for a stranded motorist to the nearest telephone. The Freeway Service Patrol is funded through the California Department of Transportation.

Project Benefits

Reduces traffic jams by providing quick response to stalls, helps stranded motorists, and saves fuel and air-polluting emissions by reducing stop and go traffic. Monterey County’s FSP program includes two beats, Highway 101 between Airport Blvd and the Highway 101/156 Interchange and Highway 1 between the junction of Highway 68 West at Carpenter Road and Reservation Road in City of Marina.

Project Cost

$240,000 annually

Funded through Caltrans Freeway Service Patrol funds. In partnership with the California Highway Patrol and Caltrans.

Laurie Williamson is the Agency’s Freeway Service Patrol contact person. If you have any questions, you can reach her at (831) 775-4415, or via email at: