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Marina-Salinas Multimodal Corridor Plan

The vast majority of jobs and housing in Monterey County are located in the City of Salinas and the Monterey Peninsula, and yet there are few transportation routes connecting these areas. The most travelled route is Highway 68, which suffers from peak congestion and barriers to roadway widening. The second most travelled route is Highway 1 via Imjin Parkway, Reservation Road and Blanco Road, which also experiences peak hour congestion. The Marina-Salinas Multimodal Corridor Plan was developed in response to the need for a regional route through the former Fort Ord area that will increase roadway capacity by prioritizing high quality transit, bicycling and walking as viable alternatives to driving. The study was funded with a Caltrans Community-Based Transportation Planning Grant of $200,000, matched with $100,738 in local and federal funds.

The purpose of the Marina-Salinas Multimodal Corridor Plan is to:

  • Preserve a multi-jurisdictional corridor
  • Plan for regional high quality transit
  • Provide a regional bicycle route that will serve users of all ages and abilities
  • Improve pedestrian safety, particularly in urban areas
  • Identify improvements that will minimize impacts to the environment, sensitive habitat lands and
  • prime agricultural lands
  • Provide conceptual corridor designs
  • Estimate the cost of implementation and identify potential sources of funding
  • Provide opportunities for stakeholders and the community to shape future transportation options to
  • meet their needs.

Some of the proposed improvements identified in the plan include:

  • Widening existing roadways to increase capacity for cars, trucks, transit buses and bicyclists
  • Building roundabouts along Imjin Parkway
  • Adding bicycle facilities, such as lanes, paths and bicycle phase signals
  • Adding sidewalks and multiuse paths, transit stops, shelters
  • Transit prioritization at signalized intersections
  • Dedicated bus rapid transit facilities and pedestrians crossing enhancements

Preferred Alignment

May contain: neighborhood, building, and urban

Final Plan

The Final Plan was adopted by the Transportation Agency's Board of Directors in June 2015. 

Marina-Salinas Multimodal Corridor Plan (2015)