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Measure X Officers & Committee Responsibilities

Measure X Citizens Oversight Committee Chair:

  • Kevin Dayton, 2017-2018
  • Paula Getzelman, 2019 –2021
  • Barbara Meister, 2021 -

Measure X Citizens Oversight Committee Vice – Chair:

  • Barbara Meister, 2019 –2020
  • Paula Getzelman, 2021 -

The Measure X Citizens Oversight Committee will be responsible for ensuring that taxpayers’ safeguards in the Transportation Safety & Investment Plan are met as projects and programs are implemented. Their duties shall be as follows:

  • Independent Audits: Have full access to the Agency’s independent auditor and review the annual audits, have the authority to request and review specific financial information, and provide input on the audit to assure that funds are being expended in accordance with the requirements of this plan;
  • Plan Changes: Review and make recommendations on any proposed changes to the plan, prior to Transportation Agency Board consideration;
  • Project Delivery and Priorities: Review and comment on project delivery schedules as represented in the Strategic Expenditure Plan and make recommendations to the Transportation Agency on any proposals for changing project delivery priorities; and
  • Annual and Final Reports: Prepare annual reports regarding the administration of the program, to be presented to the Transportation Agency Board of Directors and available for public review.