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TAMC Board Highlights - April 28, 2021

TAMC Board Adopts Public Works Week Proclamation 

The TAMC Board of Directors adopted a proclamation to declare that the week of May 17 through 23 as National Public Works Week. The Board joined others from around California and the United States to pay tribute to public work professionals, engineers, managers and employees and recognize the substantial contributions they make to our community’s health, safety, welfare and quality of life.

Proclamation for 2021 National Public Works Week

Measure X Citizens Oversight Committee Presents Independent Audit Results 

Barbara Meister, Chair of the Measure X Citizens Oversight Committee, and member of the Measure X audit sub-committee presented the Measure X Third Year Audit results and the Measure X Annual Report to the TAMC Board of Directors. In keeping with their responsibilities, the committee conducted audits of the revenues and expenditure of Measure X funds earlier this year and prepared an annual report regarding the administration of the program.

In the past fiscal year, 2019/20, Measure X generated $28.198 million in transportation improvements in Monterey County.  Of that amount, 60% was distributed to the cities and the County for local projects, while the remaining 40% was programmed to regional safety and mobility projects.

The audit results revealed that Sand City was the only jurisdiction that was not  compliance with the terms of the Measure X Transportation Safety & Investment Plan.  The City  failed to meet its Maintenance of Effort requirement; and as  a result, the distribution of their quarterly Measure X funds will be withheld until this requirement is met. The results of the Measure X Third Year Audit and the Measure X Annual Report are included in the Transportation Agency’s 2020 Annual Report sent  to Monterey County residents and posted on the TAMC website.

2020 TAMC Annual Report

2020 TAMC Annual Report - Spanish Language

TAMC Board Receives Update on the Quarterly Measure X Revenue Forecasts 

The TAMC Board of Directors received an update on the quarterly Measure X revenue forecasts.  The presentation revealed that Measure X’s receipts from October through December 2020 were 4.1% below the fourth sales period in 2019, however revenues for fiscal year 2020/21 are expected to come in higher than prior forecasts. 

Prior to Monterey County voters adopting Measure X in November 2016, revenues were conservatively estimated to be $20 million per year. Actual revenues have been significantly higher, with 2018/19 receipts (the second full year of Measure X receipts) totaling $30.5 million. Measure X revenues dropped to $28.198 million in 2019/20, and are expected to rise to $29.320 million in 20/21, then increase again to $30.652 million in 21/22.

While the fluctuations in Measure X revenues as projected from the prior year presents challenges, the conservative approach taken by the Agency still provides full funding for near-term projects as programmed in the 2021 Integrated Funding Plan. 

Measure X Fourth Quarter 2020 Update

Measure X Local Road Maintenance Revenue Projections by Jurisdiction

TAMC Comments on Draft Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure

After receiving information on the California State Transportation Agency draft Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure, the  TAMC Board of Directors authorized Executive Director, Debbie Hale to provide comments on their behalf on the Plan.

Under the draft Plan, where feasible and within existing funding program structures, the State is proposing to invest discretionary transportation funds in sustainable infrastructure projects that align with its climate, health and social equity goals.

The Plan's strategy to prioritize certain projects could benefit the Central Coast region by advancing capacity for increasing rail service along the Central Coast, building bus rapid transit projects and supporting more active transportation projects.

Transportation Agency staff is concerned the Plan’s focus on projects that will reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled to meet the State’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions excludes other types of projects that would contribute to meeting the State’s emission reduction goal that are more appropriate for rural regions of the state and will neglect critical highway safety and congestion relief improvements that support goods movement, tourist travel, reduced transit travel times and employees traveling to jobs. In essence, there is a concern that future SB 1 monies will be shifted away from critical highway safety projects, particularly Measure X projects on Highways 68 and US 101 which require state matching funds.  

Central Coast Coalition Comment Letter on the draft Action Plan

Draft Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure